DIYbio Now and Next

22 Jun 2012

We’ve been busy with DIYbio this past couple of months – collaborating with Lancaster University and Signposts in Morecambe on the Patchworks project, attending the worldwide DIYbio symposium, courtesy of the FBI, and organising our upcoming summer programme of events.

We’re super-excited about the coming DIYbio year and there’s a real sense that the global community are ready to step things up a gear. In Europe, “biohackerspaces” are gathering momentum. Meanwhile, organisations such as Genspace and BioCurious in the US offer a glimpse of a possible DIYbio future. There are even signs that DIY biologists are starting to make an impact outside of their own networks.

As you can imagine, all this activity has got us properly fired up and we’re hard at work on some exciting plans, with some major announcements in the pipeline – to keep up to date with what’s going on, join the mailing list or follow us on Twitter.